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Mazzola Swimwear is the synergistic force of two sisters working together. A combination of self-love with femininity, cultivated into a brand that values empowerment.

Bold, sassy, we are striving for more realness and we are dedicated to represent diversity.

Throughout our designs, we want to encourage women to stand up confident and glowing in their bodies.

Meet Melissa

Mel is the well organized girl who knows where she is headed. She doesn't worry much and just goes with the flow.

She has a degree in digital marketing, she is passionate about Harry Potter & Robots and she is our artistic director.

Mel is always positive and smiling. She is my rock - not only in this adventure, but also in life.

Meet Jessie

Super perfectionist, Jess seeks perfection in everything she does (details make perfection according to her philosophy). She constantly has ideas flowing in her mind.

She has a degree in international business management, she is passionate about sustainable development and marketing, and she is our CEO.

Jess is optimistic and full of positive energies. She is essential to this project as well as in my life.


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